• Day 32; 30 Rock

    Hello again!


    Sorry that this is two posts in one day. I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging.

    I started today by walking over to 30 Rockefeller plaza and taking a few photos of the place. Its one of the nicer parts of the city and they have an ice rink setup in the middle at the moment. I really want to go ice-skating before I leave.

    I bought my ticket to the NBC studio tour, but I had an hour before it started. I went over to the LEGO store and took a look around. It’s AMAZING. They’ve gone to so much effort to build some of the structures inside. They have 30 Rock, the ice rink and the 5th avenue Atlas statue. I’ll put some photo’s in, have a look at them.

    1:45pm came around and I went for my studio tour. We weren’t allowed to use our own cameras and we had to turn our phones off, so I apologise that I have no photos for this part. I got to see the set for Saturday Night Live where Anne Hathway was rehearsing. We watched that rehearsal for a while, she waved at us, it was pretty great. They took us on a bit of a history tour of the studio and then into a room where they set up a news broadcast. They showed us how they made use of green screens, teleprompters and a few other cool things.

    Then we got to see studio 1A, where they shoot the today show every morning. I was surprised at how small it was. They really make it look bigger on TV.

    After the tour was done, I got my ticket for Top of the Rock – the observation deck on the roof of 30 rock. I timed it perfectly, I got there just before sunset and got photos while it was still very light. I waited around for a little bit, but it was so worth it. One of my favourite things about new york so far is sunset. Besides the time we had a hurricane and a snow storm, the weather has been pretty great. Nearly every day the sunset has been magnificent. Its one of the things I think I’ll miss most about the city. I’m so glad that I got to capture it from the top of the rock though. Im really happy with the photo’s too. I’ve started shooting with more manual settings and im really enjoying the results.

    I stuck around till it was night time. I already had photos from the empire state at night (because of bad timing) but the Rockefeller centre is directly opposite, so you can see more of the city (particularly central park). I got some ok photos; I wish I had a tripod with me. It was super hard with all of the people up there bumping into you to get a good shot away when you’re working with lower shutter speeds. I’m still editing though, so I might find some gold in there. I took 1200 photos today and I have a backlog of editing to do from the past couple of weeks so I’ll do my best to get them up soon.


    Here are the photos I have for now.